What is Cruncher?

Data Cruncher is a fully managed, modern data analytics platform that allows you to bring all your siloed business data sources in one place and empowers you to build deep insights around them in minutes.

Building your own data platform is a tedious, long and expensive process and Data Cruncher eliminates all those pain with a highly scalable, automated solution.

Cruncher can be programmed using a drag & drop interface, SQL or Python depending on your team member skill sets. Data Cruncher is for everything in your business.

Essentially Cruncher is serverless data platform that is capable of to perform the six major tasks of a data platform in a single solution. These steps are given in below.

  • Ingest: Cruncher is capable of ingesting data from SaaS services, files, SQL databases, NoSql Database, major data warehouses.

  • Clean and Enrich: Real-world data are always dirty and incomplete. Data Cruncher has powerful built-in capabilities to allow youm, clean and enrich your business data in ways not easily done today

  • Host: Data Cruncher is capable of hosting your data and has a scalable warehouse which removes the need to use extra warehouses

  • Analyze: The main value of a data platform extract deep insights about the business. Data Cruncher analytics engine let you apply sophisticated analytics to your dataset.

  • Visualization: Human need to consume the insights visually and Data Cruncher has built-in capabilities to convert the result into highly interactive charts. This means you do not need a separate visualization tool

  • Share: Data Cruncher let you share your dashboards in a secure way and controlled way. They result are automatically updated and share links are all dynamic.

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