How to connect Segment to Data Cruncher?

Data Cruncher can automatically connect to your Segment account and collect your user data for deep analytics. We can collect all the following event types

  • Identify: who is the customer?

  • Track: what are they doing?

  • Page: what web page are they on?

  • Screen: what app screen are they on?

  • Group: what account or organization are they part of?

  • Alias: what was their past identity?

For more information, please consult with Segment documentation

Here are the steps required to connect Segment to Data Cruncher.

Step 1: Select "Create New" in Connectors page

Step 1: Select Segment under Events

Step 2: Pick a name for your Connector and click Authorize

Step 3: Create connection to Data Cruncher on Segment

Cruncher will redirect you to Segment website where you will be presented with the following screen.

Select your desired Segment source from the provided drop down menu. Once selected, click "Send Data" and you will be redirected back to your Cruncher Connectors page.

At this point, your user data is being forward to Data Cruncher through Segment. You can see your connectivity in the Connectors page.

Data Cruncher performs on the fly clean and enrichment to your Segment data in real time. You can see a live view of your data under Tables.

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